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Paris Themed Cookies

I love these cookies we did for local florist, Toulies en Fleur!  I wanted the colors to match her branding and I think it all came together so well with the Paris theme.

Eiffel Towers in the making…
Some snooty poodles as well, of course!
Some snooty poodles as well, of course!
And pretty patterned cookies are never a bad thing.  :)
The finished set!

Large Eiffel Tower cookies weren’t done for this set, but it deserves a mention because I love doing these! Browse our Gallery for more Paris Themed cookies.

Large Eiffel Tower Cookies
Large Eiffel Tower Cookies

Sweet Naomi Cookies just got branded!

I’ve been busy!  But busy is good, right?  If I weren’t busy, I’d have no excuse not to clean my house. And who likes cleaning?!

Along with the latest cookies (which I’ll be posting shortly, can’t ruin the surprise for those getting them soon!), I’ve been working on Sweet Naomi’s brand.  And when I say brand, I mean logo, business cards, packaging, etc.  I must say, the logo was the biggest hurdle but I’m quite pleased with the result.  It’s very cute, if I do say so myself.  :)

photo (26)
Naomi wanted a lot of ribbon.  Mom obliged.

Just one of the packages sent out this week.  It was overcast, so you can’t really see how cute the blue box is.  I still have a way to go until I figure out all the packaging, but I’m having fun and so far, no one has received a broken cookie (don’t worry, I just knocked on wood)!

photo (27)
Headed to Utah!