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Superheroes and Monogram cookies!

I’ve made a TON of Spiderman cookies lately.  At this point, I think I can pipe Spiderman’s face in my sleep.  Given my 2am cookie decorating parties (which somehow just include me and perhaps a fussy baby), I may have done a couple that way.

Spiderman, Batman, Superman
Superhero Cookies!

I hope these cookies make someone in FL very happy, thanks for your order Krista!

Now, if anyone has been following my cookie endeavors, you’ll know that I do not write on cookies.  That’s not to say I haven’t tried, but the end result is something that looks something more close to hieroglyphics and sloppy ones at that.  So, when I got the request for monograms…I thought, of course, challenge accepted.

I’m happy with the way they did turn out.  It did entail a Valentine’s date stencil shopping at Michael’s, my hubby knows what I like.  :)  Here they are!

Monogram Wedding Cookies
Monogram Wedding Cookies
Monogram Wedding Cookies
Monogram Wedding Cookies

Sophie the Giraffe cookies!

Sophie the Giraffe
Sophie the Giraffe

These were the kind of cookies that within the process of making them, I had serious doubts as to whether they’d come together or not, but the final product had me patting myself on the back.  I love the way they came out!  These have been my most labor intensive cookies thus far, but I do love a good challenge.

When I got the request for these cookies, I had no idea who or what Sophie the Giraffe is so I went to Google…  It’s actually, simply a baby teether toy from France.  I may have to get baby girl one now.


These were made as a 1st birthday party favor.  Happy 1st birthday, Lila!  Thanks for letting me make your cookies!!




Chinese New Year Cookies

Chinese New Year Cookies
Chinese New Year Cookies

I’m so, so very happy with how these cookies came out.  I was quite intimidated as these cookies were designed/originally done by none other than the Sweet Sugarbelle.

Crowd favorite seemed to be the oriental fans, which I must say were my favorite as well.  In case your inquiring cookie mind wants to know, I used a small cake pan and a pizza slicer to cut those out.

Oriental Fan
My friend, Stacy, modeling her oriental fan

I’ve added these goodies to my Etsy page, so check them out here!  The price is $50 for 20 cookies in the designs shown.  If you’re interested in a different quantity or design, just contact me!

Sweet Naomi Cookies just got branded!

I’ve been busy!  But busy is good, right?  If I weren’t busy, I’d have no excuse not to clean my house. And who likes cleaning?!

Along with the latest cookies (which I’ll be posting shortly, can’t ruin the surprise for those getting them soon!), I’ve been working on Sweet Naomi’s brand.  And when I say brand, I mean logo, business cards, packaging, etc.  I must say, the logo was the biggest hurdle but I’m quite pleased with the result.  It’s very cute, if I do say so myself.  :)

photo (26)
Naomi wanted a lot of ribbon.  Mom obliged.

Just one of the packages sent out this week.  It was overcast, so you can’t really see how cute the blue box is.  I still have a way to go until I figure out all the packaging, but I’m having fun and so far, no one has received a broken cookie (don’t worry, I just knocked on wood)!

photo (27)
Headed to Utah!